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The Aristocrat Bakeshop has gone a long way from its humble beginnings in the catering kitchen of the Roxas branch. The wide range of our premium product offers, our numerous bestsellers, the accolade we've received, and satisfied patrons are testimonies to the quality of The Aristocrat Bakeshop's masterpieces.

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History of the Aristocrat Bakeshop
From its flagship outlet in Roxas Boulevard, The Aristocrat Restaurant entertained the thought of putting up its own bakeshop to cater for their own dessert needs. A Filipino-owned family corporation founded by Mrs. Delia Reyes-Zaldarriaga, The Aristocrat Bakeshop has found its way to the foodie market's selective taste buds.

Way back 1976, Mrs. Zaldarriaga thought of opening the bakeshop instead of outsourcing desserts. It debuted in a small spot in the Roxas branch's catering kitchen, which became the bakeshop's production area. With a very tasteful and scrumptious product line, the bakeshop became an exceptional success.

The Management eventually realized that there exists a previously untapped market for quality desserts sold at reasonable prices.

The bakeshop was then moved from the Aristocrat Catering Kitchen to a small building in Adriatico and the rest is an immense history.

To date, the Aristocrat Bakeshop stands with great pride at the Aristocrat Complex offering premium quality products at competitive prices which truly set it apart from its competitors. The bakeshop boasts of its original and recently awarded Torta Delos Reyes, its incomparable breads & pastries, its delectable meat pies, and its most sought after Sylvannas and Sansrivals.

In response to new market preferences, it has also introduced sugar-free products. To give the bigger market a taste of Aristocrat Bakeshop's best, mini versions of its premium cakes are now being offered.